Hybrid Health Physiotherapy situated in Bath, is a cut above the rest. Our concept, the "Hybrid Approach" has been shaped over 17 years of leading industry experience.

Here at Hybrid Health, we have expertise in a range of treatments that we offer as part of the Physiotherapy session. Unlike other places, all services are 100% tailored to you, no treatment or plan is the same to anyone else - this is the Hybrid Concept - committed to reach your goals!


However, we also offer the specialised treatments as a stand alone session, but we do recommend booking the Hybrid Physiotherapy session to help assess the cause of pain/injury/tension and provide a long-term solution.



Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Sports Massage

Kinesio Taping & Strapping

Dry Cup Therapy (Cupping)

Running Analysis 

What We Treat

We specialise in all musculoskeletal acute or chronic injuries and pain such as: sporting injuries, muscle and ligament strains, post operative rehabilitation, inflammatory & joint problems (including Rheumatology & Fibromyalgia), migraines/headaches to name a few! 

Enter the site to find out how Hybrid Health can help you or enquire for a free 15 minute consultation call to find out more!

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