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Physio near me Bath

Physiotherapy in Bath

Hybrid Health Physiotherapy situated on Milsom Street in Bath (down the alley), is a cut above the rest. Our concept, the "Hybrid Approach" has been shaped over 17 years of leading industry experience. ​


The Hybrid Approach means that clients receive bespoke assessment and treatments as part of their visit. We have expertise in a range of treatments that we offer as part of the Physiotherapy session. Unlike other places, all services are 100% tailored to you, no treatment or plan is the same to anyone else - this is the Hybrid Concept - committed to reach your goals! 


Our core value is to provide attention to detail at the highest standards, offering a range of services that fits the client’s goals and needs which includes full access to the Hybrid App (see below). 



Offering specialised treatments in the 'Hybrid Session': ​

Or you can request a service such as sports massage when booking.

The Hybrid Physiotherapy App is FREE for all active* clients, this bespoke app is where you will find your personalised rehabilitation programmes, educational information about your injury/pain as well as being able to book the next appointment!

This interactive app allows you to view all the exercises which includes videos and with step-by-step instructions, with the function to input how hard or easy you found the exercise - this helps monitor progress and motivates you to stay on track.


This bespoke app allows us at Hybrid Health to monitor your compliance, pain levels and help you recover faster!



*Active Clients = this is termed as clients that have a future booking at Hybrid Health Physiotherapy.

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We specialise in all musculoskeletal acute or chronic injuries and pain such as: sporting injuries, muscle and ligament strains, post operative rehabilitation, inflammatory & joint problems, migraines/headaches to name a few! Click here to find out more on what we treat!

Find out how Hybrid Health can help you or enquire for a free 15 minute consultation telephone call to find out more!

Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting any students or work experience.


28 Milsom Street 




Vicky Lewis-Baldy 

Owner/Chartered Physiotherapist

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