Hybrid Health Physiotherapy Services


Here at Hybrid Health, we have expertise in a range of treatments that we offer as part of the Physiotherapy session. Unlike other places, all services are 100% tailored to you, no treatment or plan is the same to anyone else - this is the Hybrid Concept - committed to reach your goals!


However, we also offer the specialised treatments as a stand alone session, but we do recommend booking the Hybrid Physiotherapy session to help assess the cause of pain/injury/tension and provide a long term solution.

On your first appointment, we recommend you booking either an 60min or 45min appointment. To help understand the cause of pain/injury, we will then carry out full assessment below and above the injured/painful area, following this we will educate you on the possible diagnosis,  then go through a specifically crafted treatment plan that offers a mixture of modalities to suit you and your recovery. All the treatment services will be offered to you as part of the session where clinically reasoned. 


If you request an individual service such as Acupuncture then please contact us.