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Contact & Location

The new location is at the top of Milsom Street down the alley that joins to Broad Street car park! We have recently moved in, so please bare with us whilst we may have some works carried out.

Walk through the alleyway and you will see some blue gates, walk through into the courtyard then wait in reception or outside on the bench until your therapist will call you through at your appointment time.

There is no receptionist currently, therefore it is appointment only, please feel free to drop by however all therapists may be in appointments.

Parking: We are located next to Broad Street car park (£1.70ph), if you park there its just down the alley as you walk to Milsom street.


Alternatively, you can park in the Cattle Market or the Podium which are very short walk away (1-3min walk depending on your speed.)


There is free parking if you not mind a bit more of a walk in Sainsbury's car park, 10mins walk from there and you can park for 90min for free.

By Train: A short 10-15 min walk from the Bath Spa train station.


If you have any questions about any Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Injury Prevention or anything else then please get in contact on the forms below 

Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting any students or work experience.


28 Milsom Street





07449 458952

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