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Hybrid Gym Rehab Service

How would you like to fully optimise your injury rehab progression with a bespoke 121 session in a high-end gym, where we assess and work with you in the gym to see how we can get you back to fully recovery! 

Using VALDtechnology is used and trusted in high performance organizations around the world to measure, manage and improve teams’ and athletes’ strength, power, movement, balance, asymmetry and more.

Find out more below.

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Hybrid Gym Rehab Session explained:


The session will be either 60 or 90 minute long, The session is a 121 session where we meet you at a gym we are partnered with YMCA which is a 1min walk from the clinic, we to assess your injury under load and find out how to best strengthen your weaknesses using the equipment


The Benefits:

  •  Allows you to ask questions about gym loading or your rehab and have us be able to look at them

  • Enables us to adapt your current training programme or technique that may be causing discomfort and explores new loads we don’t have access to in clinic

  •  Receive a personalised gym based exercise program designed on our bespoke app to help you progress specifically for your injury over a 4-6 week period

  • Allows us to work towards training goals and accurately measure your performance compared with your non-injured side

  • Undergo milestone testing for long term injuries such as ACL reconstruction, post-op/shoulder dislocation and identify key areas which will allow for safe return to sport

  • Future gym sessions focused on adding progression to your programme so you don’t plateau and continue to be challenged at the correct level

To find out more email or call to see how we can help you!

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