Please see below what people say following their treatments here at Hybrid Health - all 5* Google Reviews


I visited Vicky after struggling with patella tendinitis in my knee. Vicky took me through a consultation on the injury and suggested a session of acupuncture which gave me immediate relief from the tendinitis.
After 2 weeks of completing the exercises she gave me to improve and strengthen the knee, it is now feeling stronger than ever and it’s allowed me to get back playing sports again.
Couldn’t thank Vicky enough.


I would highly recommend Vicky, she is very friendly, easy to communicate with and very knowledgable. I went to see Vicky a number of times to help me with back pain after having my baby, she did a thorough assessment and came up with a number of exercises which I could easily do at home and they have really helped with the pain. Vicky has also given me a forward plan so I can keep upping the exercises and continue to make progress which is great. She also completed each session with some deep tissue massage which was brilliant. I wouldn't hesitate to see Vicky if you have any pain or musculoskeletal problems.


I have trapped nerves down by left leg and it meant not being able to sit down for long periods and having to get out of bed at 5am to walk it out. Vicky after three sessions has alleviated the discomfort by physio, sports massage and acupuncture. It's made a huge difference and I'd say I'm 80% there. Thank you Vicky - I highly recommend you!


Had my first physio session in years as a competitive athlete and ageing body. They quick discovered the route of my discomfort and localised the pain in my shoulder. Focusing on that area with soft tissue release using cupping and massages. They gave me exercises to do at home to ease the pain and have been pain free in my should for weeks now. Would highly recommend to anyone in the Bath and surrounding area!!!


I saw Vicky to get help with my elbow pain and to help ease out muscle tension in my calf’s. She instantly made me feel at ease and was able to assess and diagnose my elbow pain in the session, provided me with exercises and did an amazing sports massage in my forearm and calf! I feel great and look forward to further sessions to help progress my recovery, I would highly recommend hybrid health.