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Running Analysis

Running Analysis Bath

Training for a big event such as a Half Marathon? Do you get muscle or joint pain? This maybe for you!


Having a gait analysis evaluates and assesses your running and movement patterns in order to improve technique, enhance performance and assist in diagnosing pathologies and dysfunctions.

What will it involve?

  • Physiotherapy Assessment regarding your goals and any injuries or pain

  • Running assessment outside, where you will be recorded by a video technology to help highlight any restrictions, areas of weakness or tightness and muscle imbalances

  • You will then go through a tailored rehabilitation program 

  • Following this, you will receive a detailed report of your running style with your personalised exercise program to fully optimised your performance!

Book the Gait Analysis consultation to improve your running performance!

Running Analysis Can

  • Optimise movement patterns

  • Enhance performance

  • Help prevent future injuries providing correct gait techniques 

  • Maintain peak physical health

  • Get athletes race/event ready


28 Milsom Street



Vicky Lewis-Baldy 

Owner/Chartered Physiotherapist

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