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Sport Injury Clinic

Have you ever taken a knock playing weekend sport, been able to carry on but later it gets a bit sorer? You’re unsure whether it’s just a minor tweak or it requires further attention? Or you have been forced off the pitch/court immediately and want to get started on the rehab ASAP! Introducing the Sports Injury Clinic at Hybrid Health! 

Kinesitaping Bath

The Sports Injury Clinic will involve a short 15-minute appointment where you can sit down and discuss your acute aches and pains. After understanding what happed, you will have an assessment to diagnose your injury.


Next, we will work with you to create a plan for your recovery or give you peace of mind that the problem is only minor, and you can carry on. 

We welcome people of all ages from any sport, so don’t let uncertainty get in the way of you performing at your best next time out.  

Appointments are just £25, so book in with Alex and get that Sports Injury assessed today. 

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